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I-BRICKS Applies AI Technology to Procurement Service Order Support System...Digital public service innovation

View of the "AI EXPO KOREA 2022" I-BRICKS boothI-BRICKS (CEO Chae Jong-hyun), an artificial intelligence-based language processing company, formed a consortium with Vibe Company to successfully establish a "preemptive AI-based procurement request order support system" promoted by the Korea Intelligence Society Promotion Agency (Director Lee Jong-wook) at the end of last year.Through this, the AI-based order support system (e-proposal request help) that automatically prepares and diagnoses proposal requests when ordering SW projects is expected to save a lot of time spent ordering the project.Despite frequent revisions to proposal requests that meet requirements and incorrect legal system changes, there is no system for ordering agencies to check SW business proposal requests in advance, so much time was spent on revising and reviewing proposal requests. This led to a lack of project execution period at the same time as the delay in the bidding announcement, causing quality issues of the project, forcing ordering agencies to have difficulty ordering the project. AI-based order support system (e-proposal request assistance main screen) The AI proposal request self-diagnosis service can more efficiently process order requests along with pre-reviews by entering the prepared proposal request file into the system to find violations by law/system type and provide writing guides and normal expressions.The AI-like proposal request recommendation search service recommends proposal requests with similar content related to requirements that are difficult to write with content-based document comparison and allows you to refer to technologies and terms used in your business.Finally, the AI-based proposal request automatic generation service automatically generates a proposal request with related information written when selecting necessary items. Standardized proposal requests can be easily created by managing an auto-generated model based on a common proposal request basic template and item creation guide.This simplifies the procurement process and minimizes the procurement review period to secure a stable business execution period.Ahn Young-min, vice president of I-BRICKS, said, "The AI ordering support system will minimize the burden on ordering organizations to write proposal requests before ordering the project. As necessary functions in the field are combined with artificial intelligence technology, the Public Procurement Service will continue to lead digital transformation."Source: Artificial Intelligence Tiimes ( )

OMNIS LABS Launches AI Solution To Detect 'Satellite, Aviation, and Drone' Image Changes Over Time

Air, satellite photo change area detection results of AI model implemented by OMNIS LABSOMNIS LABS (CEO Moon Gwi-hwan), an AI platform startup that can perform various tasks such as detecting objects, detecting changes, and extracting areas from spatial information images, has completed the development of AI models to extract areas of changes in aviation and satellite images based on deep learning technology.Based on this AI model, which will be installed on OMNIS LABS' own platform Deep Block, it is conducting research projects, and it will use this model to automate reconnaissance satellite image analysis and public service tasks.Deep Block is an AI platform that can analyze up to 15GB of satellite and aerial images per second based on AI to derive various results, and is an AI platform that allows users to build and use various AI models without coding.Using this AI platform, we are trying to automate various image analysis tasks in the spatial information industry and develop, optimize, and provide various AI models to the market with the aim of digital transformation in the spatial information field and increase the convenience of workers.Omnibus said that the Deep Block AI platform can be experienced online for free, and that it will make efforts to strengthen user convenience and advance spatial information image analysis technology with the aim of contributing to the popularization and democratization of AI technology.Meanwhile, OMNIS LABS, established in January 2019, is an AI startup composed of domestic and foreign computer science experts such as Ivy League and Seoul National University.It develops and provides Deep Block, an AI model development platform that can create and use various AI models without coding. It continues to develop research and products with the aim of localizing spatial information image analysis technology led by Chinese institutions such as Wuhan University and Beijing Aviation University.OMNIS LABS said Deep Block provides a model for performing various tasks such as object detection, change detection, and area extraction in spatial information images, and will continue to strive to advance this technology.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

Dareesoft is speeding up its global entry into 'AI-based real-time road risk information service'!

View of the Dareesoft boothThe "RiaaS (Roadhazard Information as a Service)" solution, a key artificial intelligence-based service of Dareesoft (co-CEO Jeong Man-sik and Noh Yoon-sun), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI)-based road risk information service, showed its true value and caught the attention of visitors.RiaaS is an AI road analysis device mounted on vehicles that detects 12 road risk factors such as road cracks (portholes), road cracks, and falls while driving and shares risk information with drivers and road managers in real time.During the exhibition, more than 200 smart cities, vehicles, telecommunications, and AI companies visited booths in the U.S., South America, Japan, India, Israel, and Europe, and received joint project proposals from Indian highway operators known to have serious porthole problems.In particular, it received a very positive evaluation of RiaaS services and their value from the Nevada Department of Transportation.Image of a demonstration of crack identification detected in Las Vegas, Nevada (Picture: Dareeisoft)"CES 2023" and Roh Yoon Sun-sun, said, "It was also possible to see that the possibility of more than 2023 participating information on the world, and Europe."In addition, "We gained confidence information field and overseas businesses information field, and efficient overseas projects through strategic partnership and efficient overseas projects through strategic partnership and efficient overseas projects."Road hazard information displayed on the U.S. RiaaS control service map screenDareesoft's RiaaS and road risk information data solutions are used in various fields such as road maintenance and management, smart cities, vehicle services, maps and navigation, and insurance. Currently, RiaaS is being used by smart city and road management departments of domestic local governments such as Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, public institutions related to roads, and airports. It is also conducting pilot projects in Thailand and Japan, and is discussing collaboration with government agencies in the United States, Canada, and Australia.RiaaS won the Minister of Science and ICT Award in recognition of its technology and innovation in the first half of 2022, and in 2023, it will introduce a RiaaS professional model that detects road hazards and facilities around the road with improved performance and additional functions. It plans to expand its services nationwide in 2024, and aims to enter 10 overseas countries and sell 100 billion won in sales by 2025.Meanwhile, Dareesoft, established in January 2020, commercialized the world's first professional road risk information service based on AI technology through research and development in high-tech fields such as AIoT, mobility, and big data. As of the fourth year, 70% of the 30 executives and employees are dedicated to research and have a total of 12 key patents, growing into a global leading company in related fields. Meanwhile, at the end of 22, it will attract 5.5 billion won in Series A investment and accelerate its global expansion in recognition of its potential.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

Data Edu, Book Big Data Analysis Engineer Practical with Pyhton Sales Increase? ...Because of Data and Python Code Delivery

As the number of applicants for big data analysis engineers increases, interest in "Big Data Analysis Engineer Practical with Python," published by Data Edu, is also increasing.Big Data Analytics Engineer, the first national technical certificate to be implemented in 2021, is now five trials, excluding cancellations due to COVID-19, ending its 2022 test. As for the status of the 2-3 test, 14,920 people took the written test and showed a pass rate of 43.7%, and the practical test was 4,683 fewer than the written test, but the pass rate was 60.3%, which was higher than that of other engineers.Accordingly, Data Edu (CEO Yoon Jong-sik), a company specializing in big data and AI solutions, published the R version in June this year and the Python version in October. The textbook is designed to prepare for the test by organizing the expected questions for the practical test by unit, and to prepare for the test perfectly with three mock tests and three latest restoration questions for the final finish.The newly published "Big Data Analysis Engineer Practical with Python" received a hot response from many test takers by analyzing the most recent practical questions and reflecting the tendency of the questions. Another reason for the increase in sales is that example data and Python code in the textbook can be viewed for free.Yoon Jong-sik, CEO of Data Edu, said, "While interest in big data certificates is increasing, we will increase sales and strengthen textbook contents through various sales strategies."Meanwhile, Data Edu, a Busan-based big data and AI solution company, is growing and evolving into a big data education company that publishes certificate textbooks such as data analysis experts (ADsP) and big data analysis engineers along with online and offline lectures.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

A place of technological innovation for human security for all, 'CES 2023'

More than 3,200 observers, including 1,000 startups, more than 115,000 participants, 40,000 overseas participants from 140 countries, 4,800 global media participants from 69 countries, 60% of Fortune 500 companies, etcCES® 2023 Exhibition Site (Picture: CTA)CES® 2023 ended on the 8th local time in Las Vegas, USA. More than 115,000 industry experts participated in this year's CES, far more than originally expected, making it the largest global tech event to be audited since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. More than 3,200 observers, including 1,000 startups, introduced next-generation innovations in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobility, automotive, digital healthcare, sustainability, web3.0, and metaverse.For the first time in history, CES set the theme of "Human Security for All (HS4A)" and cooperated with the World Academy of Art and Science, a UN-affiliated organization, to promote food, medical access, income, environmental protection, personal safety, local social security and political freedom.In addition, CES 2023 unveiled products to address global issues such as access to clean water, food security, smart city infrastructure, sustainable energy solutions, and personal security. In addition, the latest technology that increased the convenience of the disabled was also unveiled.From the number of participants to keynote speeches, press conferences, and products released, CES 2023 was a success, signaling a return to face-to-face events around the world, said Gary Shapiro, chairman and CEO of CTA.To sum up, CES 2023 was a venue of about 2.2 million square meters, 70% larger than CES 2022, more than 3,200 observers, including 1,000 startups, 115,000 participants (pre-audit figures), 40,000 overseas participants in 140 countries (pre-audit figures), 4,800 global media participation (pre-audit figures), and 60% of Fortune 500 companies.At CES 2023, major brands such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SKT, Abbott, Amazon, Bosch, BMW, Canon, Delta, Google, Hisense, John Dere, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Panasonic, and Sony, etc. participated.Human security for all has been designated as a theme covering CES 2023 in the face of an unprecedented global crisis, highlighting the importance of greater cooperation and innovation around the world to provide a better experience in all industries.▷ In the field of automotive and mobility, more than 300 auto tech observers participated, and CES 2023 became the world's largest auto show. Keynote speeches by BMW, John Deer, and Stellantis, as well as new products in autonomous driving, electric vehicles, land, sea and aviation mobility devices, were unveiled.Candela Marine Technology, GM, Italian Giugiaro, Magna, Mercedes-Benz, MobilEye, Waymo, RYSE, and Volvo Venta exhibited.In the field of ▷ digital healthcare, various innovative technologies and brands that measure the rapid growth of the market, such as Digital Therapeutics, Mental Wellness, Women's Health Tech, and Telemedicine, have been unveiled. Representatively, Abbott, Lotte Healthcare, MedWand Solutions, and Omron Healthcare participated.▷ Global brands such as John Deere, LG, Samsung, and Siemens participated in the sustainability sector to show how innovative technologies can contribute to energy conservation, increased power production, sustainable agricultural systems, smart cities, and improved access to clean water. 3M, Bridger Aerospace, Caterpillar, NexGen Power Systems, Panasonic, and Sony participated.▷ In the field of Web 3.0 and metaverse, the metaverse division was newly established at CES 2023 for the first time, displaying innovative sensor technology to build an immersive interactive digital world. Web3 Studio, produced by CoinDesk, was the mainstay of CES's Web3.0, metaverse, and blockchain technologies. Magic Leap, Microsoft, OVR Technology, and SK exhibited.This year, more than 1,000 startups around the world, including more than 200 Korean companies, including Japan, France, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the U.S. and Ukraine, shone at the Eureka Park Exhibition Hall, a CES startup hub. Several innovative technologies have been introduced, including renewable paper solutions that reduce carbon emissions, artificial intelligence (AI) that reduces food waste, solar technology that absorbs both electrical and thermal energy, and personal security apps.Meanwhile, CES 2024 runs from Tuesday, January 9, 2024 to Friday, January 12, 2024 in Las Vegas.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

Recruitment of companies that want to introduce Alchera solutions through AI Heroes, an AI service matching platform

A panoramic view of the Alchera booth of the 5th "AI EXPO KOREA 2022" held at COEX in Seoul from April 13 to 15 last year (photo: main paper db)Alchera, a video recognition artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced on the 6th that it will recruit demand companies that want to introduce AI solutions as it has been selected as a successful partner for four consecutive years.The AI voucher support project is organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), and up to 300 million won in vouchers will be provided to small and medium-sized venture companies (demand companies) that need AI solutions. AI companies (suppliers) can provide opportunities to create markets, and demand companies can use vouchers to purchase and utilize solutions from desired suppliers to promote digital transformation.Last year, Alchera was selected as an excellent supplier by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) by providing AI solutions under the theme of "Development of untact face skin analysis technology and commercialization of customized care B2C services in AI-based mobile."Alchera was recognized for its world-class technological competitiveness as the No. 1 in Korea and No. 12 in the immigration team photography category at the "Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)" of National Institute of Standards and Technology) (NIST). This technology is currently being applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' passport reissue system and Shinhan Card's Face Pay.In particular, Alchera's technology is used not only for face recognition but also across all industries. The security and fintech industries provide solutions optimized for identity verification, and are converging and expanding AI technology to various fields such as healthcare as well as the environment.Companies that want to do AI voucher business with Alchera can contact the AI voucher menu on the "AI Heroes" site. In addition to Alcella's solutions, it is also possible to inquire about overall AI technology and request matching of solution suppliers."Alchera has been participating as a supplier of AI voucher business for four consecutive years to help Korea grow into a leading AI country," said CEO Hwang Young-kyu of Alchera. "I hope Alchera's efforts will be a great help in revitalizing the AI market in Korea and helping demand companies to digital transformation."Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

CEO of Lion Rocket Jung Seung-hwan was awarded a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT...Contributing to the production of 'barrier-free' content based on AI technology

On the 28th, AI startup Lion Rocket CEO Jung Seung-hwan (left) received a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT at the "ICT Fund Project Performance Report" and took a commemorative photo (Photo by Lion Rocket)Lion Rocket (CEO Jung Seung-hwan), an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, won the Minister of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho) Award at the "ICT Fund Project Performance Report."The event, held at the IT Venture Tower on the 28th, was designed to establish a public-private collaboration ecosystem by forming networking between ICT specialized institutions and companies, and to award small and medium-sized companies and people of service.Lion Rocket was awarded a commendation by the Minister of Science and ICT for his contribution to the production of artificial intelligence-based Barrier Free content for the visually impaired and his job creation achievements.Last year, Lion Rocket participated in the AI voucher business and contributed to the creation of AI voice engines and voice contents for the visually impaired by book publishing Braille with voice synthesis technology based on its artificial intelligence-based video content production platform "On Air Studio." It also helped create high-quality youth jobs by hiring talented people from 2021 to 2022.Lion Rocket, which has been leading the content market with innovative technology, also beta-launched the virtual face app "Very Me" in September. Very Me is an app service that creates your own virtual face based on the face of the actual user, and with VeryMe, anyone can freely act as a creator without showing their real face. In particular, it attracted domestic and foreign attention with its differentiated technology that creates a unique pace for each user.In addition, it recently opened a new chapter in the B2B market by unveiling 'live swap' that can be applied to live commerce and streaming platforms. Unlike conventional technologies that relied on large amounts of data and learning, this technology, which is implemented so that anyone can broadcast in real-time with just a single virtual face photo, is expected to have a positive effect on the industry as a whole.CEO of Lion Rocket Jung Seung-hwan said, "We will try to expand the scope of AI technology application, which has been evolving by growing our own technology," adding, "We will continue to focus on technology advancement and take the lead in changing the paradigm of the content market."Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

Lablup will introduce the next-generation version of AI R&D platform that NVIDIA also recognized.

Lablup (CEO Shin Jung-kyu) is backend dot AI (Backend), a hyper-scale artificial intelligence R&D and service platform, at the world's largest IT fair, CES 2023, in Las Vegas.It announced on the 2nd that it will introduce Enterprise R3, the next version of AI) for businesses.Backend Dot AI, NVIDIA's only DGX-Ready software in Asia-Pacific, is a total cloud and on-premise platform solution that builds an AIOps environment for AI development and services. It automates the entire process from artificial intelligence R&D to services.In particular, Backend introduced in 2022.FastTrack and Forklift services, AI's MLOps platforms, are integrated into the next version, allowing AI service development cycles to be further shortened.Apart from participating in the exhibition, Lablup was selected as a presentation company at "K-Night@CES 2023," a pitching day prepared by KOTRA, and will introduce the next-generation version in front of investors and industry experts from various VCs, CVC, and LP in the U.S.Shin Jung-kyu, CEO of Labl Up, said, "Backend, which leads the AI R&D platform field.The next version of AI provides the functions necessary for AI infrastructure and large-scale operations, expanding existing strengths, such as enormous convenience and cost flexibility, from the development of super-large AI models to large-scale AI services.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

NexReal, an edge AI image analysis solution company, successfully implemented the '2022 Artificial Intelligence Identification Tracking System Construction Project'!

Nexreal (CEO Jeon Seok-ho), a venture company specializing in edge AI image analysis solutions, announced on the 29th that it has completed the first "2019 Artificial Intelligence Identification Tracking System" project under the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Science and ICT.This year, the 2022 project expanded the scope of abnormal behavior identification tracking to include three types of risk situations (fight, threat, collapse) and one type of congestion (queue counting) and integrated monitoring of AI alarms. In particular, for the first time in Korea, the artificial intelligence two-person detection (Top-View) solution, a key element technology of the automatic immigration checkpoint, was applied to the automatic immigration checkpoint at Incheon International Airport.The AI-based two-person detection solution in operation is an embedded AI image analysis solution with a camera-embedded (vision AI camera type), which is a step up from the existing VA and machine learning-based two-person detection solution.In particular, Nexreal's artificial intelligence two-person detection solution is provided according to the customer's choice among the three solutions, as it was developed in the form of embedded vision AI SW that can be embedded in edge equipment (camera, edge box). It is difficult to find such a solution in foreign airports.Therefore, customers can operate the automatic immigration checkpoint alone with AI cameras and AI edge methods without configuring a back-end infrastructure using a high-end GPU server for the operating environment. In case of an emergency, system availability can be secured.Nexreal gradually replaced the existing first-generation image analysis machine learning-based two-person detection camera solution with the second-generation AI-based two-person detection solution based on the discriminatory competitiveness of technologies, products, and solutions secured through this project. In addition, the strategy is to spread this solution to various fields such as video access control, social and industrial safety, people counting, and edge AI.Meanwhile, Nexreal is a laboratory start-up company in 2002 and is a venture company specializing in embedded vision AI image analysis solutions. It was selected as an excellent supplier of AI vouchers in 2021, and provides the first AI total solution consisting of a vision AI camera, vision AI edge, and vision AI server in Korea, and combines computer vision and AI to provide various vision AI applications customized.In the future, fixed CCTV infrastructure to be operated in a domain environment and mobile CCTV infrastructure based on land, sea, and air unmanned transportation platforms will be combined with 3-Tier solutions to provide integrated control and comprehensive situation recognition solutions.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

From explainable AI to 'predictable artificial intelligence company'...'INEEJI' of the world's best AI solution for process optimization and prediction preservation, attracting 5.5 billion won in investment in Pre-Series A

CEO Choi Jae-sik said, "We will actively recruit talented people and lead the realization of a Korean manufacturing powerhouse by introducing AI solutions for industrial process optimization and forecast preservation."INEEJI (CEO Choi Jae-sik), a company specializing in explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) prediction solutions, recently attracted a total of 5.5 billion won in pre-series A investment. The investment was attended by institutional investors from Spring Camp, Capstone Partners, We Ventures, GS EPS, and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, as well as private investment associations consisting of Dodam Ventures, advisory groups and executives and employees.INEEJI announced that it will recruit talented people with excellent capabilities through this investment attraction, lead the realization of a Korean manufacturing powerhouse by supplying industrial process optimization and prediction preservation AI solutions, and expand world-class services to the global market by launching cloud services.INEEJI is a startup founded in 2019 with CEO Choi Jae-sik, who serves as the head of KAIST's explainable artificial intelligence research center, and top researchers in the field of explainable artificial intelligence, and developed "INFINITE OPTIMAL SERIES" as a domestic independent technology.Professor Choi Jae-sik presents the theme of "Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Technology Trends" at KAIST's Kim Jae-chul Graduate School of AIIn particular, CEO Choi Jae-sik is currently considered the best expert and master of the XAI field, covering both domestic and international, while focusing on explainable artificial intelligence research since 2016.In addition, INEEJI's researchers have recently published seven papers at the world's top artificial intelligence conferences such as ICML, AAAI, and KDD, and are the best professional institutions in the field of explainable artificial intelligence research.INEEJI, which aims to provide the "world's most accurate artificial intelligence service," has moved AI technologies developed by UNIST and KAIST since its foundation, and has been steadily growing through the IBK Changgong (Busan) program, a start-up center in Seongnam City. In particular, it is also expected to become a next-generation artificial intelligence global unicorn in the XAI field.Most companies make large-scale investments such as collecting and monitoring sensor data from the manufacturing process through digital transformation (DT) projects, but most of the actual production sites rely on operator know-how to operate the process.INFINITE OPTIMAL SERIES by INEEJIIn order to solve these industrial problems, INEEJI launched "INFINITE OPTIMAL SERIES," an AI solution that provides guidance for optimization with the world's best multivariate data-based prediction technology and the world's first explainable artificial intelligence technology.The success of this investment was based on the professional AI technology and abundant production field experience of the INEEJI start-up team on AI solution technology for process optimization and forecast preservation of the industry.The INEEJI start-up team successfully proved its effectiveness by applying the world's first deep learning-based furnace control prediction AI to POSCO's smart furnace to reduce molten furnace temperature error by 25%.Based on these proven technologies, INEEJI is currently carrying out projects by expanding its scope of application to various industrial fields such as power generation, oil refining, chemistry, steel/steel, and semiconductors. A local chemical company that recently applied the INEEJI solution said production has increased by nearly 0.5% since its application, maintaining its largest output since its operation.The "industrial process optimization and prediction preservation AI solution" was introduced as a panoramic view of the INEEJI booth of the "AI EXPO KOREA 2022" held at COEX from the 13th to the 15th of last month, attracting visitors' attention.Choi Jae-sik, CEO of INEEJI, emphasized, "We will actively recruit talented people and lead the realization of a Korean manufacturing powerhouse by introducing AI solutions for industrial process optimization and forecast preservation."Ko Kyung-pyo, head of Spring Camp, who led the investment, said, "Digital conversion continues to accelerate around the world, and improving efficiency through digital conversion in the process is a task for all companies."Meanwhile, INEEJI is scheduled to receive the 'Excellent Artificial Intelligence Grand Prize' of the 'AI Manufacturing Prediction Control Division' at the '2022 Korea Excellent Company Awards' held at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on May 13, 2022.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

Synapsoft, an AI electronic document company, enters Japan with the webinar platform 'DocsLive'

Synapsoft, DocsLive Demonstration ScreenThe webinar platform "DocsLive" of Synapsoft (CEO Jeon Kyung-heon), a company specializing in artificial intelligence and electronic documents, was released as "AOS Webinar" on the 29th in cooperation with AOS Data Co., Ltd., which operates a data asset management business in Japan.DX (digital transformation) is being promoted as an important task for the Japanese government, and the work type of companies in Japan is rapidly shifting to non-face-to-face forms, including telecommuting. As a result, the "Owned Media" platform, which can deliver corporate values and brands, has emerged as a key presence, and the two companies have decided to service DocsLive through business partnerships.DocsLive, launched in Japan, is a document-oriented online seminar platform that allows you to participate in seminars through a web browser without installation. Features such as document sharing, presentation video recording, real-time chat, and survey are installed, adding convenience.In addition, independently generated content such as presentation materials and videos can be accumulated and used in its database.In addition, it supports a multi-tenant environment so that it can be provided as an on-demand media platform such as AOS Webinar. Companies and institutions that frequently hold video education or large-scale live seminars can reduce costs and operate with their data.We are very happy to be able to introduce Synapsoft's 'DocsLive' in Japan, said Jeon Kyung-heon, CEO of Synapsoft. "We are also planning to launch a metaverse platform service that allows video conferences and seminars at the end of this year, so please look forward to it."Meanwhile, Synapsoft participated in the 5th AI EXPO KOREA 2022 held at COEX from the 13th to the 15th and introduced its AI deep learning-based Synap OCR, attracting visitors' attention and creating various business opportunities.Synap OCR is a self-developed domestic AI OCR that enables accurate character recognition for image distortion and noise based on fast recognition speed, high Hangul recognition rate, and AI deep learning. In particular, it has advantages such as the application of an automatic rotation correction algorithm based on text location, and can be applied to various fields such as RPA, security solutions, search engines, and webpex.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

AI Yangjae Hub, an innovative resident AI startup...Provide a variety of business opportunities, including investment attraction and collaboration

AI Yangjae Hub forms a joint pavilion of 20 companies, attracting the eyes of visitors.AI EXPO KOREA 2022 'AI Yangjae Hub Joint HallAI Yangjae Hub (Director Yoon Jong-young), Korea's leading professional support organization for artificial intelligence startups, participated in the AI EXPO KOREA 2022 held at COEX in Seoul for three days from April 13 to 15.AI EXPO KOREA 2022 attracted the attention of visitors by forming a joint hall of 20 companies selected from more than 200 companies to support their companies' external promotion, and participating companies were able to create various business opportunities such as attracting new customers, investment, and collaboration.In particular, the AI Yangjae Hub Joint Hall has created an effective place to promote various technologies and business items through a uniform layout and detailed booth configuration of 20 booths of participating companies. In addition, in a separate space in the exhibition hall, an AI conference was held in which companies belonging to the AI Yangjae Hub participated to provide a venue for introducing companies and technologies.Yoon Jong-young, head of the AI Yangjae Hub Center, said, "We are happy to promote AI Yangjae Hub and its companies at 'AI EXPO KOREA 2022', where leading domestic and foreign artificial intelligence companies participate. We expect our companies to achieve their desired results through this exhibition, and AI Yangjae Hub will continue to make efforts to create business opportunities for our companies."Meanwhile, AI Yangjae Hub is an institution established in Seoul and operated by Kookmin University's Industry-Academic Cooperation Group-Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and opened in December 2017 to create an artificial intelligence-specialized base. As of April 22, there are more than 90 tenants and 100 membership companies, and it operates one-stop company support programs such as investment attraction, networking, R&D, and management support.Below are 20 artificial intelligence startups and their major AI solutions that participated in AI EXPO KOREA 2022.▷ XL8: Text-to-text and Text-to-Speech translation services through machine translation specialized in media▷ Neurocle: Deep Learning Vision Software Neuro-T & Neuro-R▷ Deep Natural: Deep Natural AI, a data construction service for artificial intelligence learning▷ Deepixel: Virtual Wear Solution Style for AR Commerce AR ▷ iKONAI: Smart Makeup Mirror with Artificial Intelligence Secretary Platform▷ItexSolutions: Qn.AI math question recognition service.▷ AI Systems: Edge Device (OSSA Android CCTV with built-in AI-only computer based on Android operating system)-based fall/fainting/fall detection, tracking, and automatic SOS emergency rescue request AI Solution▷ ALI: An artificial intelligence solution that understands and responds to open domain knowledge services and emotions through deep learning methods▷ XQuant: TS-Expert and ESG-Analytix (Artificial Intelligence-Based Data Intelligence Solution)▷ O2O: AI customer center using MRC-based automatic Q&A system and rating review system with high review authenticity▷ Triplllet: AI Retail Platform - Store Analysis, Unmanned Store, AI Customer Response▷ Flipion: Virtual human creation service that anyone can easily create and digital human face synthesis service that appears in metaverse, games, etc▷ Vodabi: Sales Conversation Analysis Solutions and Services▷ Voice print: English pronunciation evaluation solution based on deep learning voice recognition and artificial intelligence multi-language real-time machine translation solution (14 languages supported at the same time)▷ SummerCat: PRETOUCH - Automatic skin retouching AI for photos and images ▷ IDB: AI-based manufacturing process monitoring system▷Ellexi: Philo-UB deep learning-based user behavior analysis solutions and services▷ KaviLab: Software that automatically establishes a treatment plan applied to orthopedics using AI and assists in treatment.Medical data processing, AI and server technology▷Craders: AIoT real-time urination detection smart device diaper system▷HuNature: Smart city solution using Edge AI and Mesh IoT.Source: Artificial Intelligence Times ( )

Delta X executes accurate inference and prediction through convergence of single camera and artificial intelligence...As a game changer in autonomous driving!

The technology to infer up to 3D depth with only one camera sensor enables various predictions and inference beyond lane recognition and object recognition, and further implements camera-based SLAMThe 5th International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (AI EXPO KOREA 2022) Delta X booth view (photo: Artificial Intelligence Newspaper)X-Pilot, a single camera-based autonomous driving recognition solution introduced by Delta X (CEO Kim Soo-hoon), an AI startup specializing in machine vision, participated in the 5th AI EXPO KOREA 2022 and is very popular.In general, autonomous driving consists of three areas of technology: 'Perception', 'Planning', and 'Control'. Among them, the "cognitive" area, which is considered the highlight of autonomous driving solutions, refers to a technology that recognizes the surrounding environment through sensors or cameras.As humans see the world with their eyes, autonomous driving solutions classify the world with 'Vision' technology. In other words, the core function of autonomous driving is artificial intelligence-based 'vision' technology. ​The core of Delta X's Pure Camera-based Technology, "X Pilot," is a Machine Vision solution that executes precise reasoning and prediction by combining single cameras and advanced artificial intelligence with Pseudo LiDAR that enables Lida to replace tasks performed by only one camera.In particular, X-pilot is a technology that deduces to a three-dimensional depth with only one camera sensor without using an expensive lidar, enabling various predictions and reasoning beyond lane recognition and object recognition, and furthermore, camera-based SLAM implementation."The key to applying the autonomous driving solution to the high-speed environment depends on the 'calculation speed'," a DeltaX official said. "Currently, we are studying model weight reduction to improve the 'calculation speed'." Delta X is developing an X pilot focusing on 'cognitive' technology. Through this solution, we look forward to becoming a game changer in the field of autonomous driving."The Image X-Pilot Meanwhile, Delta X is an AI startup that specializes in machine vision. Since the company was founded on September 15, 2020, it has been running breathlessly in the field of artificial intelligence, winning the 2020 Big Star Artificial Intelligence Championship, winning the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award, and being selected as the 1,000 national representative of innovative companies in May 2021.Delta X is focusing on research and development to become Korea's leading AI company. As the number of patents filed by Delta X is expected to reach about 50 by 2023, it said it will innovate the history of the machine vision field with its own technology.

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