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현재 사전등록 기간이 아닙니다.
추후 사전등록 OPEN 알림을 받고 싶으신 분들은
휴대폰 번호 및 메일 주소를 제출해주시기 바랍니다.

1. Personal Information Collection/Purpose of the usage.
AI EXPO KOREA, the organizer of the exhibition, uses the visitor's personal information for the next exhibition invitation.
Along the information about the exhibition, information about Microsoft products and services can be provided.
The visitor's personal information can also be provided to Exhibitors when the visitors visit booths and agree to scan their pass.

2. Personal Information Collecting Items
Required items : Name, Company, Department, Mobile phone, E-mail, Country, Address, Survey, Agreement on exhibition information receiving, survey (Visiting purpose, Visiting route, etc.)

3. Treatment of Personal Information / Business Commitment
1) Organizer provides better service for the customer's amicable practice by managing personal information through Wiznet, the operator of the exhibition registration system.
2) Organizer manages the personal information based on the personal information protection law, by keeping the secret, restriction on the third sharing, responsibility on any accident, and consign period.

4. Possession and usage period of the personal Information
The personal information will be terminated right after achieving its purpose.

5. Right
You have a right to decline the personal information collection according to the personal information protection law,
the declination of the agreement will limit the entrance.

개인정보 수집 및 이용에 동의합니다.